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HGTV (an initialism for Home & Garden Television) is an American pay television channel that is owned by Discovery, Inc. The network primarily broadcasts reality programming related to home improvement and real estate. As of February 2015, approximately 95,628,000 American households (82.2% of households with television) receive HGTV. In 2016, HGTV overtook CNN as the third most-watched cable channel in the United States, behind Fox News and ESPN.

Kerry mentioned, "I have watched HGTV a lot. All of a sudden Home Town is on almost every night. I don't care for their work. Love it or List it and the Property Brothers are okay. Anything else and Home Town I thin are not good picks. Occasionally you have an old Fixer Upper. Please put something else on. In my view. Home Town is a flop. Cristina on the Coast is not that great either. What is going on with HGTV programming?"


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John says

"So its about the greed and money. When they realized people got hooked watched more than Cnn they took the new good episodes and moved to alacarte pay more premium of 6.99 per mos. If u want the good stuff. The junky retreads like four year old lottery dream home get recycled over n over. Most already pay for hgtv now discovery plus wants you to pay more for the better shows. My plan is boycott discovery plus and hgtv as well they both suck. Two tiered television and congress and ftc do not regulate the leeches."

Creative Manager (Former Employee) says

"The glory days of Scripps Networks and their great cable channels (HGTV, Food & Travel) have been replaced by the cheap and fake drama manufactured by Discovery Networks. Scripps cared about its culture, its products and its employees, but Discovery only cares about enriching its top executives. If you are offered a job in Knoxville rent a house, since more than likely you will be fed up in two years. Cons: Horrible morale, toxic environment, absentee landlords"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"A large company with many working parts. As a representative, you can get lost in the size of workforce. Large corporate style atmosphere with little advancement."

INTERIOR DESIGNER (Former Employee) says

"company allows me to work remote, take my own decision and improve my skills on each project... the cons long hours during shooting. but great results"

Current Employee - Kauffrau f r B romanagement says

"I have been working at HGTV full-time Cons: No hours to work I'm bored"

Former Employee - Creative says

"I worked at HGTV full-time for more than 8 years Cons: Broken promises and massive layoffs, plus "manufactured drama" is unnecessarily being forced into HGTV programmind"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at HGTV full-time for less than a year Cons: Hours we cut due to"

Ted says

"Boy, has it changed! Used to watch it all of the time. Now I avoid it at all costs!"

HGTV-Maureen says

"I LOVE Hometown and Ben and Erin!! Property Brothers too!! Also Hillary and David Love it or List it. And David’s Lottery Dream Home. Everything else is mediocre. And this new one “I Need a Nursery Now” is a waste of time. "

Cristi Vaughn says

"I would never ever recommend Sling TV. If you choose to do so, and you sign up for the free trial, be certain you read the fine print. The subscription DOES NOT end after the trial and you will be charged full package price WITH NO NOTICE AND NO REFUND! I will never use this streaming service again nor will I ever recommend it to anyone I like."

Sara Campbell says

"I work from 3-12am and I pay extra to get certain channels and nothing ever works past 1am. Thinking it was a wifi error I tried different devices nope its just sling. This has been going on for YEARS at this point. So I suggest if you want to watch anything after midnight find somebody else bc sling just cannot accommodate"

David Cole says

"Like the Hotel California, you can check in but never check out. Like others, I tried to cancel and was taken straight to a blank page in the dark recesses of the interwebs."

K Fults says

"I signed up for the 3 day trial period for SlingTV. During that time I realized that there was no access to local channels (antenna they offer doesn't work for me). I tried to cancel my service but apparently it didn't go through. it wasn't until 2 days later that I realized that and that I had been charged for a month. Now they won't give a refund, saying that there isn't a way to do that. There's always a way, they just don't want to. Poor customer service and I'll tell everyone I know. Lot's of people looking to cut the cord with their cable company and there are many other options with better service."

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